HydroSure Soaker Hose - 13mm x 100m


Our easy to use HydroSure 100 metre Soaker Hose is a simple yet highly effective method of irrigation. The Soaker Hose is an essential edition to your home gardening equipment as it operates at low pressures and ensures water is not lost in the air but, delivered directly to the roots. Arrives complete with a 13mm quick-click tap connector and hose joiner. 

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HydroSure Soaker Hose - 13mm x 100m
Hydrosure Soaker Hose HydroSure Soaker Hose - 13mm x 100m HydroSure Soaker Hose - 13mm x 100m HydroSure Soaker Hose - 13mm x 100m Gardener's Choice 100M Soaker Hose HydroSure Soaker Hose - 13mm x 100m HydroSure Soaker Hose - 13mm x 100m

Our very own HydroSure 100 meter Soaker Hose is the perfect solution to your watering needs. Ideal for watering areas in your garden such as flower beds, hedges, and greenhouses. You can even use this soaker hose in your allotment to keep your home-grown produce well hydrated through the summer months. This 100 meter length of hose is the perfect length for most gardens, however, can easily be connected to another soaker hose if necessary. The HydroSure Soaker Hose is perfectly compatible with water timers to allow you to program regular watering cycles depending on your plants' needs.

Soaker Hose Top Tips

To make sure you get the best out of your soaker hose, please follow our list of top tips.

Upon receiving your soaker hose, unwind it slowly and carefully making sure you do not allow the hose to kink as this will prevent the flow of water. Kinks in the hose can also cause damage to the hose structure so you may wish to ask a friend to help you unwind the hose.

Once your hose is fully unwound, leave it out in the sun at least one hour which should allow any kinks to settle.

As the soaker hose is not pressure regulated, make sure that you lay your soaker hose over flat ground for maximum efficiency.

Be sure to use a hold down stake every metre to ensure your hose remains in place.

Carefully place a barbed end plug in the open end of the soaker hose. In order for the hose to work correctly, the barbed end plug must fit the internal diameter of the hose.

If you wish to water a large area, then use multiple water sources or lay your soaker hose in zones, ensuring that each zone does not exceed a length of 30m.

Before attaching your soaker hose to a water source, be sure to check your water pressure. If your water pressure exceeds 3 bar you may need to purchase a pressure regulator. Minimum working pressure = 0.5 bar/7.5 psi and maximum working pressure = 3 bar. 

During the winter months, disconnect your soaker hose from the water source and allow any trapped water to drain out. You will need to store in a garage or shed.

It is not advisable to leave your soaker hose out during the winter months as the tiny holes will absorb rain water which will expand in freezing temperatures and cause the hose to burst.

Soaker hose features

•             Fully compatible with 13mm and 14mm barbed connectors.

•             Soaker hose is quoted as internal diameter (ID) and the fittings push inside of the hose.

•             Porous flexible rubber pipe acts like a wick when placed in soil - the capillary action drawing water from the porous hose pipe.

•             Provides gentle watering and soaking above and below ground and uses 70% less water than conventional watering methods.

Soaker hose is quoted as internal diameter (ID) as the fittings push inside of the hose.

More Information
Units Per Pack100
Weight (kg)7.000000
Maximum Water Pressure2 Bar
Manufacturer's Guarantee1 Year
Internal Diameter1/2" / 13mm
Price Per Unit0.95
Delivery TimeNext Working Day
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