HydroSure Large Micro Sprinkler Kit


A large Micro Sprinkler Kit containing 3 x 360 and 12 x 180 sprinklers for watering small beds and borders, lawns and vegetable patches.

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HydroSure Large Micro Sprinkler Kit

Our HydroSure Large Micro Sprinkler Kit is a great value, fully comprehensive kit designed by us to make garden watering as easy and automated as possible. The kit is perfect for watering areas in your garden such as flower beds and borders, lawns, planters and vegetable patches. It contains all the essential components needed to allow for easy installation and for securing in place to prevent damage. Once installed, the kit will save you the time, money and labour of manual watering.

The kit contains 3 x 360 and 12 x 180 adjustable jet sprinklers with a max spray radius of 3.4 metres, making it ideal for watering small areas.  The sprinklers are effective in low-pressure areas and are made from UV stabilised materials to ensure longevity and durability. The 200mm stake provides increased elevation allowing for increased spray coverage of the emitter. The stake also provides protection to the emitters and pipework. 

Additional connectors and pipeline can be used to extend your system at any time. The variety of connectors allows for flexibility in how the pipe is laid to suit your individual watering environment. The kit is fully compatible with water timers (not included) to allow for fully automated day to day watering and when you are away from your property. We have also comprised a list of suitable products on the right of this page to allow you to add a timer option for fully automated watering.

Components included:

  • 3 x 360 Adjustable Spray Jet
  • 12 x 180 Adjustable Spray Jets
  • 1 x 50m Irrigation Supply Pipe - 13mm internal diameter (16mm external diameter/1.5mm wall thickness)
  • 60 x HydroSure Hold Down Stake
  • 1 x HydroSure 13mm Female Snap-on Connector
  • 20 x HydroSure Goof Plugs
  • 8 x 14mm Barbed Joiner
  • 12 x 14mm Double Barbed End Plug
  • 15 x 14mm Double Barbed Tee
  • 18 x 14mm Double Barbed Elbow

Please Note: Components may vary

Suitable for watering:

Beds and borders, lawns, planters and vegetable patches.

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