HydroSure Soaker Hose Kit - 13mm x 15m


Fully comprehensive 15m soaker hose kit containing all components needed for quick and easy installation. The soaker hose releases water in droplets across its length, directly to the plant roots, and comes complete with hose-end connectors with waterstop and a quick click hose joiner.

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HydroSure Soaker Hose Kit - 13mm x 15m
Hydrosure Soaker Hose HydroSure Soaker Hose Kit - 13mm x 15m HydroSure Soaker Hose Kit - 13mm x 15m HydroSure Soaker Hose Kit - 13mm x 15m HydroSure Soaker Hose Kit - 13mm x 15m HydroSure Soaker Hose Kit - 13mm x 15m

HydroSure Soaker Hose - 13mm x 15m

Ideal for watering areas in your garden such as flower beds, hedges, and greenhouses. Compatible with a Water Timer.

HydroSure Hold Down Stake - 13mm To 16mm - Black

A stake used to secure the irrigation pipes in place to prevent the pipes from moving and reducing trip hazards.

HydroSure Barbed Joiner - 13mm x 13mm - Black

These Barbed Joiners connect lengths of 13mm irrigation line together, providing a tight connection and leak-proof seal. 

HydroSure Barbed Elbow - 13mm - Black

These Elbow Connectors direct water flor around corners without bending or kinking the pipe

Hydrosure 13mm End Plug

This end plug allows you to plug the flow of water at the end of the irrigation system and allowing pressure to build up within it.

HydroSure Double Tee - 13mm - Black

These Tee Connectors divert the flow of water three ways to allow further lengths of pipe to be connected

HydroSure 15m Soaker Hose Kit 13mm is a great value, fully comprehensive kit designed by us to make garden watering as easy and automated as possible. The kit is perfect for watering areas in your garden such as flower beds and borders, hedges, trees and planters. It contains all the essential components needed to allow for easy installation and for securing in place to prevent damage. Once installed, the kit will save you the time, money and labour of manual watering.

It has an internal diameter of 13mm giving an optimum working pressure of 0.5 bar/7.5 psi.  It provides gentle watering above and below ground and uses 70% less water than conventional watering methods.  It can be used above ground and up to 15cm below ground. This soaker hose can be used in a maximum run of 30m.

It contains a female quick-click connector for direct connection to garden taps using a quick-click fitting – additional connectors and soaker hose can be used to extend your system at any time. The variety of connectors allows for flexibility in how the pipe is laid to suit your individual watering environment. The kit is fully compatible with water timers (not included) to allow for fully automated day to day watering and when you are away from your property. 

Components included:

  • 1 x 15m Soaker Hose
  • 20 x Hold Down Stakes
  • 2 x Barbed Straight Joiner - 13mm
  • 6 x Barbed Elbow - 13mm
  • 5 x Barbed Tee - 13mm
  • 3 x Barbed End Plug - 13mm

Please Note: Components may vary

Suitable for watering:

Beds and borders, hedges, trees, planters and vegetables.

Top Tip - Ensure when you lay out your hose that there are no kinks which will prevent the water from flowing

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