HydroSure PotStream Adjustable Flow


The HydroSure PotStream is an easily adjustable, four stream shrubbler on a spike that sits over the edge of a pot. Perfect for keeping potted plants well watered.

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HydroSure PotStream Adjustable Flow
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The HydroSure PotStream is an innovative method for watering plants that eliminates many of the disadvantages of using standard shrubblers and stream drippers such as over watering. The PotStream is unintrusive, its clever design with the 4mm vertical inlet barb directs supply tube down the side of the pot which helps prevent irrigation systems from becoming untidy.

The PotStream is designed to slide down the inside of the pot and the slimline profile allows for easy penetration into the potting mix. The four stream watering pattern is easy to control by simply turning the knob to adjust the amount of water for the plant, the adjustable flow rate at the recommended 1 bar pressure is 0-22 litres per hour. Full shut-off is also possible if required. PotStream sits over the edge of the pot and sprays water backwards, additionally, to avoid wasting water, below the sprayer there is an angular water saving ramp to direct any slow flowing water into the pot. 

Multiple PotStreams can be integrated into an irrigation system to easily control how much water each individual plant gets, several PotStreams can be attached around the side of larger potted plants to ensure they receive sufficient watering.

To connect to micro pipe, the 4mm barbed fitting on the PotStream can be pushed inside of 4mm internal diameter (6mm outer diameter) micro tube.

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Weight (kg)0.286000
Flow Rate (L/h)22
Spike MountedYes
Adjustable Flow RateYes
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