HydroSure PC Dripline - 14mm x 25m (30cm spacing) - Black


A 25 metre length of 14mm HydroSure pressure compensating dripline with 1.8 LPH drippers at 30cm intervals.

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HydroSure PC Dripline - 14mm x 25m (30cm spacing) - Black

HydroSure dripline with a drip rate of 1.8 litres per hour. The dripline is 25 metres long and has drippers evenly spaced at 30cm intervals.

The dripline is able to function with water pressures of between 0.7 and 4 bar and is continuously self-flushing to prevent blockages and damage to the dripline. The drippers are pressure compensated to ensure that all drippers emit the same flow of water across various topography including slopes.

With dripline irrigation, it is recommended that a HydroSure dripline system be installed using a 'grid' layout - made by cutting the dripline and connecting it together in a grid shape using barbed connectors.  Alternatively dripline can also be installed as a single or 'snaked' line when the area is too small to justify a grid installation. 

HydroSure dripline is a versatile watering system that can be installed both on top of the soil or buried beneath the mulch or soil (usually 50mm-100mm below the surface).

Working Bar Pressure 1 Bar 1.5 Bar 2 Bar 2.5 Bar 3 Bar 3.5 Bar 4 Bar
Max. Run Length (m) 55 92 118 137 152 164 176

Max Run Lengths calculated along a flat surface.

Please note: This dripline is compatible with the Rain Bird QF Dripline Header which makes installing a drip irrigation system easier than ever.

Dripline is quoted as internal diameter (ID) as the fittings push inside of the dripline.

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Units Per Pack25
Weight (kg)2.1000
Maximum Water Pressure4 Bar
Internal Diameter9/16" / 14mm
Dripper Spacing30cm
Delivery TimeNext Working Day
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