HydroSure Elite Compression to Female Adaptor - 25mm x 3/4" BSP


This HydroSure Elite Compression to Female Adaptor is a professional quality, WRAS approved connector for joining 25mm (Outer Diameter) MDPE and HDPE pipe with 3/4" BSP Male threaded accessories.

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HydroSure Elite Compression to Female Adaptor - 25mm x 3/4" BSP

The HydroSure Elite Compression Coupling is a professional quality, WRAS approved fitting for use with 25mm Outer Diameter MDPE and HDPE pipe. Features a captive O-ring to create a secure, water-tight seal. The coupling is extremely robust and designed to last, perfectly for outdoor use in underground irrigation systems.

Integrating into your system:

Before fitting your coupling it is important to make sure that when pushed in, it is fully inserted. To check this, start by removing the cap and white grip ring from the coupling. Put the end of your pipe against the start of the threaded connection (nearer the centre of the coupling). Then make a mark on the pipe where the end of the thread is, this is how far the pipe will need to be pushed into the coupling.

To fit the coupling to your pipe, if you haven't already, unscrew the cap and remove the grip ring. Push the cap a couple of inches up the pipe if possible, so that it is out of the way. Then put the grip ring over the pipe, this may require you to open it up slightly. The grip ring can be pushed just above the mark made on the pipe earlier. Now push the pipe into the fitting, up to the mark made previously. Making sure the pipe is fully inserted is important to keep your system leak free and working optimally. The grip ring can now be pushed down as far as it can go so that it is against the coupling. Finally, the cap can be screwed back onto the coupling to secure the connection.

As you become more comfortable with how far the pipe needs to be pushed into the fitting, it may not be necessary to remove the cap and grip ring. To make installation faster and easier, slacken the cap until it is at the end of the thread and then push the pipe into the fitting with the cap still on. Once you are certain the pipe has been pushed passed the o-ring in the fitting, re-tighten the cap.


  • WRAS Approved*
  • Maximum Working Pressure - 16 Bar

Please Note: You will require a pipe liner when using this fitting with MDPE Pipe.

WRAS approval is required for any water fitting which will receive and carry water from the public mains supply, these must comply with British regulations and Scottish Bylaws. This is a certificate to demonstrate that the product does not contaminate, waste and is “of an appropriate quality and standard” which satisfies the requirement of the regulations and bylaws.

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Weight (kg)0.0560
Fits Pipe Size25mm Outer Diameter MDPE/HDPE Pipe
BSP Thread Size3/4" BSP Female
Connection TypeCompression : Threaded
Internal Diameter of Fitting25mm
For Pipe TypeHDPE, MDPE
Delivery TimeNext Working Day
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