HydroSure Dual Outlet Water Timer


The Hydrosure Dual Outlet Water Timer is an automated timer that offers control and convenience when watering.

  • Straightforward programming for effortless automated operation.
  • Easy to use with a simple dial operation - programming can be done in under 5 minutes.
  • Create a flexible and reliable watering solution for all of your watering needs.
  • Features a delay button to postpone watering, and a manual watering function, allowing you to water manually for as long as you desire.

Instructions can be downloaded via PDF below.

HydroSure - Solutions That Work

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HydroSure Dual Outlet Water Timer
HydroSure Dual Outlet Water Timer HydroSure Dual Outlet Water Timer HydroSure Dual Outlet Water Timer HydroSure Dual Outlet Water Timer

Automated Operation

• Automate and regulate watering, offering control and convenience.
• Plan and program watering time by using the additional feature Delay button - allows you to set your programming and have it start at the desired watering time. Hold the delay button down until the LED light shows and press the delay button for every hour of delay you want.
• Two outlets work independently of each other, allowing you to set two zones at different times to ensure you maximise the water flow.

Easy Set-Up

• Watering can be customised to run from 1 minute to 120 minutes, with frequency ranging from 1 Hour up to 1 week.
• Manual Watering Function - set the frequency button to MAN and the timer will allow you to water manually.
• The timer requires 2 AA batteries (not supplied) - we recommend using non-rechargeable, fresh AA batteries and use a new set of batteries at the start of the watering season.
• Low Battery Indicator - an LED light battery indicator will flash once every 4 seconds to indicate the battery is fully functional allowing you to swap batteries if the timer is low.

Watertight Solutions with Tried and Trusted Durability

• Metal mesh filter provides a high-quality water filtration solution, prolonging the life of the timer.
• The protective clear cover ensures settings are maintained and provides a quick visual reference.
• The high-quality connectors feature internal and external O-rings to ensure extra reliability against leaks.

Leading Brand Compatibility

• Each individual outlet can connect to any quick click connection via the use of the two 3/4" male connectors, or alternatively connects to any 3/4" female threaded accessory or connector.
• The HydroSure Dual Outlet Water Timer comes with two 3/4" Male quick-click connectors and a 3/4" - 1" tap connector which are compatible with other leading irrigation brands.

Ensure Longevity

• Keep the timer in an upright position to avoid water damage and ensure the cover is tightly shut to prevent rainwater from getting into the system.
• To prolong the life of the timer, remove the device and store indoors during winter months, drain and remove the batteries.
• The water timer is water-resistant, not water-proof. Do not submerge your timer underwater.

Solutions That Work

The HydroSure Dual Outlet Water Timer is designed with the gardener in mind, including additional features and high-quality materials for every day solutions that work, for up to 40% less.

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Weight (kg)0.524000
No. of OutletsTwo
Watering Frequency1 hour - 72 hours or Manual
Duration of Watering1 minute - 120 minutes or Manual
Battery Type2 x AA
Manufacturer's Guarantee1 Year
Operating MethodDial Operation
Programming ChoiceSet Own
Delivery TimeNext Working Day
Price Per Unit21.00
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